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 In this example I will explain how to use the Stream Deck, but it's the same procedure with any other keyboard device. In this example I will explain how to use the Stream Deck, but it's the same procedure with any other keyboard device.
 +V-Control has two places to work with Hotkeys, the Playlist and the Call Button window. Both have pro's and con's. Lets start with the Playlist. If you have not used the Playlist yet or need to know how it works please [[fire_tasks#​playlist|read the Playlist section first]].
 +==== Playlist with Hotkeys ====
 +In the Playlist we can assign keys to playlist items. We now use the Stream Deck to send keystrokes to the Playlist.
 +{{ ::​streamdeckhotkey.png |}}
 +At the right bar of the Stream Deck Software we select System and the Hotkey (my version is in German, so it might look a little different then yours). Drag the Hotkey icon to a free button on the Stream Deck. At the bottom of the Stream Deck window you can configure the Button. Set a meaningful Title that explains what the task is doing and click the //Hotkey// field then. Now press a key on your Keyboard or select one by pressing the small triangle at the right corner of the Hotkey field.
 +Now open the Playlist window, right click on an item and select //Edit Key//. If the Key Capture window opens select the text field to make sure it has the focus. Now press the key on the Stream Deck (I mean the physical device in this case, not the software). The Key is now captured and assigned if you press //OK//.
 +==== Call Buttons with Hotkeys vs. Playlist ====
 +As described in the section Call Buttons, we can also assign Hotkeys to buttons. The Stream Deck part is exactly the same then we did in the Playlist example. To capture a Hotkey for a button right click the button and select //Change Hotkey//. Now press the key on the Stream Deck and click OK. The caption of the Button changes. It starts with the keyname and a ":",​ followed by the Caption.
 +**There is an important difference between the Playlist and the Call Buttons.** ​
 +The Playlist will get the key-press events only if it has the focus. There is an Option to start the Playlist as modal dialog ( In the Main Menu select //​Configure->​Options//​ and check the //Modal Playlist Dialog// checkbox). As modal Dialog you can't access the V-Control window until the playlist is closed. Ifd the Playlist does not have the focus, the key-press event is forwarded to the element that has the focus, and the task that is assigned to the hotkey will not fire.
 +For the Call Button Window it is not necessary to have the focus. As soon as the window opens, a process is running that capture all key-press events, even if you type text in an editor for example. You can minimize the window and still the keyboard events will be recognized.
 +Depending on what you are doing the Playlist or Call Button method might be better. Keep in mind that in both cases key-press events are send to the element that has the focus. So if, for example, the Hotkey is //F1//, and you have an application running that has the focus, it might show it's help screen. ​  
 +By the way, it is OK to use both, the Playlist and the Call buttons at the same time. But if the Playlist has the focus, and there is the same Hotkey in the Playlist and in the Call Button window, then the task might be fired twice. That depends on how long the Task is running. If the task runs very short this can happen. If it needs longer, then the second execution will not happen because a running task can not be started again.
 +By all this keep in mind that using the [[tcp_connectors#​elgato_stream_deck_connector|TCP_StreamDeckConnector]] is not so convenient, but more secure.
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