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Simple GUI


Via Playlist tool button or main menu Playout → Playlist the Playlist window pops up.

The left table lists all available tasks (Scripts, Cuelists and Timestrips). To fill the Playlist (right table) move the tasks in the left list via drag and drop to the right table. To launch a task, double click on it. Alternatively, a selected task can be launched by pressing the space bar. A shortcut key is assignable via playlist context menu as well as a comment.

If the button Stop all Tasks before playing a new one is pressed, then all running tasks are stoped before the new one launches.


CallButtons provide another way to have a GUI for end users. Click Playout→CallButtons to open the CallButton window.

To add a new button click right on a free space and select the Add Button context menu. Each time the Add Button menu is clicked a new button occurs on the CallButton surface.

To assign a task to a button right click on the button and select the context menu Select Task. This opens a window with all available tasks. Select one and click Add. By default, the taskname is used as caption for the button. If you want another caption then the taskname you can click right on the button and select Change Caption

Advanced GUI

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