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Change Log

Version 4.6 (JUNE-2018)

Add new Device variable Sent (shows the last command string) Help now works again showing the help file with the default pdf viewer Bugfix: SingleToStr function now works correct in Linux (MemoryBlock.LittleEndian = true) Bugfix: FloatStringToStr function now works correct in Linux (MemoryBlock.LittleEndian = true) Bugfix: Device Variable update was sometimes broken Driver Update: TCP MIDI Connector now works better with high Midi traffic Driver Update: Moxa ioLogic now has additional device variables showing the counter value if inputs are configured as counter New feature: The Engine Status Refresh Timer is now adjustable from 1 to 500 ms Added Reconnect Timer for UDP Sockets that fire in case of Error Change: precompiler Messages are now shown in status bar instead of Splash Screen Added MaximumBuffer option. If the ReceiveBuffer of a channel exeeds this amount then the buffer is cleared Added new DeviceVariable CH_Status which shows the channel status (open, close, error etc.) New Driver: TCP Art-Net Connector New Connector: TCP Art-Net Connector supports up to 256 universes and capturing scenes from input

Version 4.4 (MAY-2018)

GUI: Message shows “Not in Run Mode” if a task is started without being in Run Mode GUI: Added Toolbar Button for Countdown Window GUI: Toolbar now shows correctly on High DPI Screens on Windows IOManagaer: IOMan.OnTimerSendAction: if Globals.EnableEvents = False then remove all ioCommands IOManager: Incomming Data is now buffered before processd. The Buffer is read by a timer triggered function now. ScriptManager: Endless repeats don't let System hang on Stop (Added “If Cancel then return” to Interpreter.bas) New Driver: Onvif TCP Connector New Driver: Art-Net New Driver: MIDI TCP Connector

Version 4.3 (FEB-2018)

1. Create Condition Template uses Variant as Default Event Variable Type 2. Options→Remote is visible now 3. Resolved: V-Control could freeze if a TCP connection is lost 4. Device Variable Received now shows “TCP Closed” if a TCP Channel is not open for reading / writing 5. New Options → Show Engine Status Settings that enables / Disables Engine EventMessage Stack, IOQueue and Pending Acks values 6. Delay now works more preceise

Version 4.0 (NOV-2017)

V-Control 4.0 comes with a new redesign of the control engine and an updated user interface.

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