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 ====== Change Log ====== ====== Change Log ======
-=====Version 4.0 (NOV-2017)===== 
-V-Control 4.0 comes with a new redesign of the control engine and an updated user interface. 
-=====Version ​3.7.19 (02-MAR-2017)===== +=====Version ​4.1.(JAN-2019)===== 
-**New Drivers**  +  If creating a new task, the task is preselected now for editing 
-  * Blackmagick Hyperdeck by Jonas Stade +  * Fixed Bug in Timelines where commands with a DP1 parameter was prefixed with " (chr(34)) 
-  * Simple OSC Client by Sebastian Spiegl +  ​* New Driver: Playdeck 
-  * AV Stumpfl Wings AVIO protocol+  ​Added Get / SetGlobalVar for Events 
 +  ​New Driver: Kissbox TC2TR direct UDP Timecode Reading / Generating 
 +  * New Driver: Kissbox TC2TR use MIDI section with UDP protocol without the need of the TCP_MIDI_Connector 
 +  * Added //Clear// buttons in //Options// page to clear Autoload File and Autostart Task. Before it was necessary to push the load button and then press Cancel to clear that entry. 
 +=====Version 4.1 (OCT-2018)===== 
 +  * Bugfix in onTmrHandleChannelEvent:​ If a device send the acknowledge in chunks of data, the data could be ordered in the wrong directiion (last data received was the beginning of the buffer, first data received at the end) 
 +  * New Device Configuration:​ The new dialog configures devices and channels. It also allows renaming devices during setup process
-**Bug Fixes** +=====Version 4.0.7 (SEP-2018)===== 
-  * Added Quit command ​to frmMain.Close eventThe "​Close"​ command closes and disposes ​of the window ​that calls it. In Windows this is enoughas with the last closed window ​the app exitsIn MacOS however „Close“ disposes the window but keeps the menu bar alive, ​and therefore the app keeps running. The „Quit"​ command terminates the application completelyregardless of platform. by Sebastian Spiegl +  ​Added Search Field for Tasks 
-  * Added PathType to FolderItem calls with strings as path. When a path is handed over to a new FolderItem as stringa path type has to be used. PathTypeNative ​is the OS independent path type. This only affected MacOS as there seams to be a different default PathType - probably AbsolutePath,​ though it was depreciated a long time ago. by Sebastian Spiegl +  ​Search fields for Tasks and Events clears if ESC key is pressed 
-  * Added Quit command to frmMain.Close event. The "​Close"​ command closes and disposes of the window that calls it. In Windows this is enough, as with the last closed window ​the app exitsIn MacOS however „Close“ disposes ​the window but keeps the menu bar aliveand therefore ​the app keeps running. The „Quit"​ command terminates ​the application completelyregardless of platform. by Sebastian Spiegl+  * Global Variable List moved from Program Tab to its own areaThis list is permanent visible now 
 +  * New Task Model: Get rid of the old model with Threadpool ManagerInstead ​of having only one TaskType ​that is configured to be CuelistScript or Timeline, we now have an own class for every Task Type that shares ​the same class interface This makes it easier to add new programming features in the future. 
 +  * Cut Copy Paste from Cuelist Cues to Timeline Cues and vice versa 
 +  * New Timeline designTimeline works again 
 +  * TDevice: If receiving data from channel, and there is no pending ACK and no Event routinethen the data is deleted 
 +  * New Device Option: Fire On Unchanged VariableDefault is false which means a variable change ​event occurs only if the variable value is set AND the value is different from the old oneIf this is checked (true) then the event is fired every time a variable is updatedeven if the new value is the same then the old value 
 +  * Bugfix: If Precompile all is selectedfake compile errors for scripts are gone now
 +=====Version 4.0.6 (JUNE-2018)=====
 +  * Add new Device variable Sent (shows the last command string)
 +  * Help now works again showing the help file with the default pdf viewer
 +  * Bugfix: SingleToStr function now works correct in Linux (MemoryBlock.LittleEndian = true)
 +  * Bugfix: FloatStringToStr function now works correct in Linux (MemoryBlock.LittleEndian = true)
 +  * Bugfix: Device Variable update was sometimes broken
 +  * Driver Update: TCP MIDI Connector now works better with high Midi traffic
 +  * Driver Update: Moxa ioLogic now has additional device variables showing the counter value if inputs are configured as counter
 +  * New feature: The Engine Status Refresh Timer is now adjustable from 1 to 500 ms
 +  * Added Reconnect Timer for UDP Sockets that fire in case of Error
 +  * Change: precompiler Messages are now shown in status bar instead of Splash Screen
 +  * Added MaximumBuffer option. If the ReceiveBuffer of a channel exeeds this amount then the buffer is cleared
 +  * Added new DeviceVariable CH_Status which shows the channel status (open, close, error etc.)
 +  * New Driver: TCP Art-Net Connector
 +  * New Connector: TCP Art-Net Connector supports up to 256 universes and capturing scenes from input
-=====Version ​3.7.17 (8-FEB-2016)===== +=====Version ​4.0.(MAY-2018)===== 
-**New Drivers**  +  GUI: Message shows "Not in Run Mode" if a task is started without being in Run Mode 
-  * InFocus IN3118HD ​by Kilian Köppchen +  ​GUI: Added Toolbar Button for Countdown Window 
-  * Generic Modbus -RTU driver ​(RS485 or RS232 only, Read and write+  ​GUI: Toolbar now shows correctly on High DPI Screens on Windows 
-  * Oriental Motors Stepper Motor driver +  ​IOManagaer: IOMan.OnTimerSendAction:​ if Globals.EnableEvents = False then remove all ioCommands 
-  * Barco E2 XML driver by Jonas Stade +  * IOManager: Incomming Data is now buffered before processd. The Buffer is read by a timer triggered function now. 
-  * Ascender by Jonas Stade+  * ScriptManager:​ Endless repeats don't let System hang on Stop (Added "If Cancel then return"​ to Interpreter.bas
 +  * New Driver: Onvif TCP Connector 
 +  * New Driver: Art-Net 
 +  * New Driver: MIDI TCP Connector
-**New Script Commands** 
-  * New Script Function: CRC16 Checksum calculation 
-  * New Script Function: FramecodeToTimecode(Frames,​ fps) 
-**Bugfixes** +=====Version 4.0.3 (FEB-2018)===== 
-  * Delay function ​is precise ​now +  ​Create Condition Template uses Variant as Default Event Variable Type 
-  * TCP Remote Service send event messages ​now+  * Options->​Remote ​is visible ​now 
 +  * Resolved: V-Control could freeze if a TCP connection is lost 
 +  * Device Variable Received now shows "TCP Closed"​ if a TCP Channel is not open for reading / writing 
 +  * New Options -> Show Engine Status Settings that enables / Disables Engine EventMessage Stack, IOQueue and Pending Acks values 
 +  * Delay now works more preceise
-=====Version ​3.7.16 (18-FEB-2015)===== +=====Version ​4.0 (NOV-2017)===== 
-New remote Command devGetChannelList(DeviceName) +V-Control ​4.0 comes with a new redesign ​of the control engine ​and an updated user interface.
- +
-**New Date Script Commands** +
-  * GetYear: Result integer +
-  * GetMonth: Result integer +
-  * GetDayOfMonth:​ Result integer +
-  * GetDayOfWeek:​ Result integer (Sunday=0, Monday = 1...) +
-  * GetHour: Result integer +
-  * GetMinute: Result integer +
-  * GetSeconds: Result integer  +
- +
-**New Drivers**  +
-  * Christie Phoenix Node +
-  * Christie / Coolux Pandoras Box +
- +
-**Updated Drivers**  +
-  * The old VLC driver was removed. We have now two new VLC drivers, VLC for Linux and VLC for Windows. +
-  * Watchout ​(Driver supports Aux Timelines and Goto Timecode now) +
-  * There was a bug in the Encore driver (No Timeout specified). This bug could lead to a broken RS232 connection. Solved now +
- +
-**Bugfixes** +
-  * Device Events (DMX / MIDI)  +
-  * A new event is checked for Unique Appearance now +
-  * More then one Event can now assiged to a task +
- +
-=====Version 3.7.15 (24-JUN-2014)===== +
-  * New, improved driver for Barco Encore contributed by **Jonas Stade** +
-  * New Driver for Image Pro controlled via Network +
-  * New Driver for Barco PDS 902 by **Jonas Stade** +
-  * Updated Driver: DVS Pronto has two new commands PlayClip and PlayClipCountdown +
-  * Updated Driver: Microsoft Powerpoint Driver update to work with V-ControlRemotePC 1.and above +
-=====Version 3.7.14 (13-FEB-2014)===== +
-  * New: The integrated webserver supports websockets. We introduce websockets [[http://​​touch-guis-with-websockets/​|in our Blog here]] +
-  * New: Playlist fires Timestrips as well +
-  * New: Remote protocol for the playlist (Up / Down / Fire). With this feature in conjunction with a IO Box such as V-IO one can control the complete Playlist with three GPI contacts. +
-  * New: 45 CallButtons in addition to Playlist. A User can open a Call Button window and have up to 45 buttons, each of them can be assigned to a task. This is for people who prefer buttons to click instead of a list with available tasks such as the playlist. To access the CallButtons window select P//​layout->​CallButtons//​ from main menu. +
-  * Fix: Playlist and CallButton windows now remember the "Stop All before playing ​a new one" checkbox status (only until the program starts again) +
-  * Fix: Calendar could show wrong weekdays or crash +
-  * Fix: V-Control crash during termination if Webserver is active +
- +
-=====Version 3.7.13 (20-SEP-2013)===== +
- +
-  * Threads are not allowed to make GUI updates any more. Instead ​of making GUI updates, ​the thread statuses are written to a list (EngineEventList). A Timer reads this list and updates the GUI as instructed in this list. A new label "​Engine Event Message Stack" under the Acknowledge list shows the number of waiting messages in the queue. +
-  * HexCalc window closes now on V-Control shutdown if the window was visible. +
-  * PromptMessage command removed +
-  * Timer Events can now be disabled or enabled by script or cuelist. +
-  * New Main Menu item "​Events->​ Disable All Timer Events"​ +
-  * New Main Menu item "​Events->​ Enable All Timer Events"​ +
-  * New Contextual Menu Item in Cuelists "​Disable Timer Event"​ +
-  * New Contextual Menu Item in Cuelists "​Enable Timer Event"​ +
-  * New Contextual Menu Item in Scipts "​Disable Timer Event"​ +
-  * New Contextual Menu Item in Scipts "​Enable Timer Event"​ +
- +
- +
-=====Version 3.7.12 (04-SEP-2013)===== +
-  * V-Control could crash if a device driver uses Masks in its GUI (i.e. a Timecode field). This is fixed now. +
- +
-=====Version 3.7.11 (03-SEP-2013)===== +
-  * In some commands that contain binary values > 127 the UTF encoding convert theese bytes to an UTF charThis is solved in the device drivers by using chrB() instead of chr() +
-  * Driver update DVS: CueUp Command does not hang anymore if the desired position is not reachable. +
-  * Driver update Doremi: CueUp Command does not hang anymore if the desired position is not reachable +
-  * Driver update Bonsai Drive: CueUp Command does not hang anymore if the desired position is not reachable. +
-  * Driver update Turbo iDDR: CueUp Command does not hang anymore if the desired position is not reachable. +
-  * GUI: The Device Editor is now resizeable +
-  * Aborting saving the Acknowledge List to file no longer leads to a Nil exception +
- +
-=====Version 3.7 (July 2013)===== +
-  * Switched to GPLv3 +
-  * removed demo mode +
-  * removed License key modules +
-  * remove software key modules +
-  +
-=====Version 3.6.4===== +
-  * Timeline works again (with 2012r2.1 compiled) +
-  +
-=====Version 3.6.3===== +
-  * If command produces "​Timeout"​ then the "​Timeout"​ string is in IOResult +
-  * Status message if ini file is written or read +
-  * devMan:​GetGlobalVar and SetGlobalVar for device driver +
-  +
-=====Version 3.6.2===== +
-  * Resize some GUI for better fitting +
-  * change Toggle Button in Playlist "Stop All Cuesets before playing a new" to checkbox +
-  * Stop Task now also stops all sub tasks (call as function) +
-  * Change TIniFile to make inis more robust +
-  * Ini file is not written at exit +
-  * New Menu Configure->​Save Window Positions saves the current window positions (and write ini file) +
-  +
-=====Version 3.6.1===== +
-  * Chasemode in Timeline works better +
-  +
-=====Version 3.5.7===== +
-  * Change: Channel Editor lets now delete a channel that is physically not present +
-  +
-=====Version 3.5.4===== +
-  * New Function: Send and receive UDP broadcast commands +
-  +
-=====Version 3.5.3===== +
-  * Webserver compatibility improved for Android Browser +
-  * Bugfix: On some systems a context menu call could cause a crash +
-  * Bugfix: Sometimes a task did not stop clearly +
-  * Bugfix: A mask error could crash the system in some rare cases +
- +
-=====Version 3.5.2===== +
-  * New Function: Tools Menu with calculator from and into hexadecimal,​ decimal, binary and ASCI +
-  * Update: The channel editor now opens a splash screen to show the progress of scanning serial ports. +
-  * Bugfix: To delete a row in a timestrip, click in the first column which is representing the timecode, and select Edit -> Cut +
-  +
-=====Version 3.5===== +
-  * New: Timestrip programming:​Cues are inserted into a time strip and synchronized to an external Timecode. Attached devices can be set to a chase mode and being synchronized to the Timecode if they support this feature. +
-  * New: Flash support for then integrated web server. +
-  * New: Keyboard events can control tasks now. Use Keyboard Events to control V-Control with a RF or IR Remote control. +
-  * Linux: Wait for Timecode now shows correct remaining time +
-  * Playlist Update: You can assign Function keys to a playlist item +
-  * New Basic Script Command ChangeCMD_Code(CommandName,​ ParameterName,​ DefaultValue) to change a commands parameter during runtime+
-=====Version 3.0.5===== 
-  * Windows Bugfix: Delete Task and Cut Task could raise an exception. 
-  * New Toolbar icons 
-=====Version 3.0.4===== 
-  * Device Editor: Fixed a bug that hides events if no commands present 
-  * Configure Devices dialog now ask to save a changed list if not already done 
-  * Playlist: The Textsize of the Playlist is now adjustable via Configure -> Options dialog. 
-  * New Command ShellExecuteAsFunction:​ This command launches scripts, documents or programs (i.e. backup script) on the PC and returns when finished 
-  * New Command ShellExecuteAsThread:​ This command launches scripts, documents or programs on the PC and returns immediately 
-  * Event List: Now shows all event parameter 
-  * Events: New event management enables devices to fire events. 
-  * Via Configure -> Otions there is a Autostart Task option available. The task selected here will launch at startup 
-  * Bugfix: New created device fire events only after saving an re opening the project. This is fixed now. 
-  * New Basic command: StrToHex converts a string to hex numbers 
-  * New Basic command: HexToStr converts a hex numbers to a string 
-  * New Basic command: CheckSum8Bit calculates the 8 bit checksum of a string 
-  * The column widths of the event list are restored next time the program executes 
-  * Calendar Bugfix: The calendar now works with all date formats (24.12.2008,​ 24/12/2008 oder 12/24/2008) 
-  * New Toolbar 
-=====Version 3.0.3===== 
-  * TCP Remote service integrated. The service is used to communicate with other V-Control systems (nodes) or third party systems. 
-  * UDP Remote service integrated. The service is used to communicate with other V-Control systems (nodes) or third party systems. 
-  * RS232 service integrated. The service is used to communicate with other V-Control systems (nodes) or third party systems. 
-  * Webserver integrated (HTTP) 
-  * Mac OS X: Bug im TCP Client fixed 
-  * Windows: List of available commports is now sorted correct 
-  * Bug in UDP Client fixed 
-=====Version 3.0.2===== 
-  * Playlist: Changed Checkbox "Stop All Before Playing..."​ to Bevel Button 
-  * Device Editor: When selecting the "Empty Device",​ the GUI of the Device Editor is build without error now 
-  * Device Editor: When selecting a Command, the Command Script is now shown correct in every case 
-  * Device Editor: When compiling a new Driver, the Device is now automaticly updated 
-  * General: Ask to save a changed Project on exit 
-  * Device Manager: New script command ChangeCMD_MinMax allows to change the MinMax Value of a command from script 
-  * Device Manager: Added Delay Command in Drivers 
-  * Cue List: if DP1 or P4 is used, the Cuelist commands didn't work. This is fixed now. 
-  * Eventlist: Selecting "Edit Event" now works for Timer and Calendar events as well as for Device events 
-  * Timer Events are now editable by double clicking in the Timer Editor 
-=====Version 3.0.1===== 
-  * Playlist: No out of Bound Exception if trying to edit a key or comment in an empty row 
-  * Added ShowMessage Command for Cliplists 
-  * The context menu of the Script editor now supports GetGlobalVar,​ SetGlobalVar,​ ShowMessage and PromptMessage 
-  * When loading a Project, we check if the Project File format matches the current version. Project files from earlier versions will not open. 
-  * Updated Insert Menu in Main Menu. Now all Insert Items are available in this menu and in the context menu of the cuelist and the Script editor 
-  * Added SMTP Mail Client to let the system send mails in case of an event or status message 
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